David Boulouys Professional Profile

My career has led me to specialize increasingly in diverse restaurants concept creation and development as partner, for a third party or as a consultant.


I carry 25 years of restaurants experiences in Europe & the Middle east, I worked with the best chef in France, Alain Ducasse, Bernard Loiseau, Alain Passard all ranked 3 stars Michelin Guide, I also spent 15 years in Egypt developing restaurants concepts for the owning company of the First Four Seasons hotel in the middle east where I opened 10 restaurants and managed a team of 350 employees, I also carried missions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Qatar.


I managed to conceptualize, create and run business units from scratch, I have experience in business plan & feasibility study, opening new markets, market research, marketing, strategic forward-planning, I am also familiar with the hospitality and commercial worlds, the culture of corporate and franchise regulations including legal aspects.


I advice or manage in all aspects of the restaurant and hospitality industry. I love to operate with top results. And I love to teach what I know.


Here are some of the topics where I am specialized:


  • Improved profitability through improved and enhanced operating systems
  • Top-to-bottom operations and enterprise review and adjustment
  • Menu development, analysis, and enhanced menu design for better brand positioning
  • Culture and talent transformations for more efficient and effective operations
  • New concept development from idea to implementation, so no detail is overlooked
  • Pre-opening, post-opening or turnarounds
  • Complete project management for turn-key, efficient delivery
  • Recruiting, talent search, and acquisition for management and senior level positions


Deliverable In Details:


Concept Creation & Development:


Start Up Services

Knowing how to open restaurant requires an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how that even the most experienced restaurateur or manager might find daunting. I have the professional industry expertise to guide you on starting a restaurant through every step, with a comprehensive checklist that covers every area from logistics to operations, and from food to front of house.


Restaurant Business Plan

My expertise in creating restaurant business plans comes from the fact that I am a real restaurant operators. I have the day-to-day experience, combined with my development experience, to write plans that are fact-based. My restaurant business plans are 100% created from scratch and customized to your concept and your business.

I offer a collaborative process that focuses on concept development, foundational profit architecture, fact-based budgeting.

I am experienced at taking a concept from the business plan phase into the built environment, complete with procedural guidelines and a roadmap of the day-to-day operations.

I understand the accountability that comes with needing to have a real plan in place — in order to  accomplish several goals. While raising capital and forecasting expenses should be at the top of your new concept to-do list, the actual components (real estate, budget, target customers, business model) and your vision must be balanced to create a plan that actually works.



The vision of what your food or beverage concept will be may only exist in your mind’s eye, or you may have a binder full of ideas and inspiration. Perhaps the storefront or retail space has been secured and the design and architecture are underway. What ties it all together?

There has to be be a real brand with a story or a strong message that can be packaged and sold, whether to investors, to guests or to the media. The package is shaped by a guiding principal, an organizational hub from which all other factors radiate, like spokes on a wheel. This is your brand filter. From the brand filter comes the identity of the concept, which is the visual and figurative representation of your idea.

I guide clients through this process to help them see a clear organizing principal, to define their brand filter and messaging, and lead them into identity development and design. From this process, guidelines are created and messages is written. The overarching goal is to build the foundation for your vision that binds concept, menu, and decor, and ultimately shapes the experience that your guests will have.


Design Concept

A restaurant concept starts with a vision and ends as a built environment. The process in between is where hospitality design concept books are created and used to illustrate the inspiration, look, feel, aesthetics, functionality, and floor plans of a project.

The brand, messaging, storyline, and visual elements like logo and graphics are combined into a presentation book that conveys the style, substance, and appeal, and helps others understand your vision more clearly. Design concept books and presentation packets are crucial tools for partners and investors, and can ultimately be used for sharing the concept story with the media to generate buzz.


Project Management

The hospitality business is constantly evolving. I help clients navigate change with my ability to forecast the evolution of a project and anticipate next steps with solutions, not just workaround responses.

From a renovation project to broadening or expanding a brand into a new marketplace, our project, I keep clients on track and focuses resources wisely to achieve the next level of business success. Large or small, I apply my knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. I provide strategic competency for you to tie project results to business goals. Thus, allowing you to better compete in your marketplace.


New Restaurants Opening

A new restaurant launch requires many resourc­es and a detail-oriented focus that can tax any team. To get through the critical opening phase, I create strategic operating structures to help get you from A to Z.

From site selection to driving guests in the door, I see the big picture. My training templates, side-by-side support, and performance evaluations ensure a smooth opening. While my insight on vendor selection and negotiation skills help keep our clients’ bottom line on target, and ready to achieve optimum profit benchmarks.


Concept Repositioning

So, your idea launched and worked. But now some time has passed, and your concept isn’t hitting the sweet spot it used to. What do you do?

You rely on me to help redefine your brand and reposition your business into a profitable, well-oiled machine. Sometimes it means a top-to-bottom overhaul. But, oftentimes it’s a new menu concept, implementing a new program at the bar, generating interest through events and outreach, fresh updates in the dining room, uniform changes or other touches from the front door to the tabletops that are needed to get guests (and staff) to notice. Whatever the changes, they’ve got to be solid, intentional actions … and make an impact.



You’ve set your goals and have a plan in place for the future of your concept. But, how do you make it all happen? I activate the implementation plan by using my talent network to maximize outcomes, ensuring that ideas become reality as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

I apply my experience and operational know-how to develop the systems, standards, best practices, and customized operational and management plans to meet the needs of your concept – be it a fast casual, full-service … or a format that falls somewhere in between.


Restaurant F&B Consulting:



To see what really happens inside your business, you need an outside, expert, objective perspective. A person that specializes in restaurant consulting who can assess each and every aspect of your operation: from front of house and back office restaurant services, to personnel and purchasing to menu design and everything in between.

How Do I Do This?

I assess and make recommendations at a level which matches your needs. I review your business from subjective, objective, and critical perspectives to create the most efficient, effective, and direct plan.

I dig in to & find ways to improve operations by implementing systems and training staff to fully understand what is working — and what isn’t.


The Result?

My deliverable is based upon clear, factual reporting, and qualitative and quantitative findings to guide improvements and set new standards of performance. Solid information yields solid recommendations.


P&L Impact Service

Line-by-line analysis and P&L “scrubbing”

Structured budgeting process created


Food & Menu Development

My collective food knowledge and industry passion come together in my development of menus and recipes. I am skilled at creating and implementing custom, imaginative, and award-winning menus items, signature dishes, comprehensive offerings, and seasonal direction for all types of concepts. No matter where a restaurant may be in the menu process, I jump into the brand, study the competition, conduct a detailed menu analysis for existing operations, and provide my Menu Engineering Analysis to offer solid recommendations for a new menu program or enhance an existing one.

I develop innovative menu design to evolve a concept to the next level of profitability and great reviews.


Menu Concepts

While you are running your business, I will work behind the scenes to develop an innovative restaurant menu design to launch your concept to the next level of profitability and rave reviews.

I understand that there should be intentional strategy behind the development of a menu concept that takes many different factors into consideration, including:

  • Sourcing of ingredients, purveyors, and product partner relationships
  • Equipment needs to prepare menu items to exacting standards
  • Cross-utilization of ingredients and foods to balance costs and make preparation efficient
  • Stacking of day parts and menu options for flexibility and service to your target guests
  • Understanding seasonality and how it can positively affect menu offerings

Beyond that, once you’ve got an overall menu concept that conveys the brand and your vision, the next critical step is knowing how good menu design – the pages that your guests will hold in their hands – is a mix of information, temptation, education, psychology, and action.


Bar Mixology & Beverage development

Whether you’re a bar-only concept or the bar is part of your larger project, beverage and mixology can be a great source of income and create a following among your guests.

With custom cocktails, bar products, operations, I can take your business’s beverage and bar services to the next level.


Bar Operations

Operating a bar properly and efficiently takes time, talent, and resources. I create and customize bars and relevant services for top efficiency in this high-profit zone, from POS transactions to training the right talent behind the bar. The craft of bartending and mixology are center stage, and it’s the minute details that make all the difference.

A great bar has confident talent, true brand ambassadors, an enticing menu, and the tools and resources to stand out.


Restaurant back office

A well-run back office translates to a strong operation. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a hospitality enterprise, or another food service operation, the back office is essential for success. Though invisible to guests, having a restaurant back office with the proper inventory management system, POS system, and reservation system can make running the shift and the restaurant much easier.

If you’re looking to set up or improve your restaurant’s back office operations, I can help you find the right solutions. From turnarounds to rebuilding back offices from scratch (and not just rearranging the furniture!), I know that allocating time and attention for running budgets, invoicing, ordering, staffing needs, and even having the right playlists have to be done without zapping resources.

Talent Development

A great restaurant team is comprised of managers, servers, and staff who feel they’ve got a stake in the overall success of the business. With each person playing a pivotal role in the operation comes a sense of ownership and responsibility to deliver their best.

To achieve this level of success, we utilize highly effective processes and systems to keep everyone operating from the same playbook, aligned with common goals and understanding.

From the first training sessions, through shift meetings and skills development tactics, by giving a team the tools and confidence to grow and succeed, you’ll garner noticeable results as they pave a path to achievement.


Operations & Management Support:



The saying goes “There’s always room for improvement,” and this rings especially true in the food service and hospitality industry. Perhaps your concept is running smoothly, guest counts are similar to the previous year, and your food is tasty, but you just can’t seem to make the transition from a good restaurant to a great one (and a more profitable one at that).

Let me dig in and uncover ways to take your business to the next level, by implementing systems, training staff, and upgrading menu and beverage programs, you can enhance current successes and work together to meet new goals.

The result? Amazing food, efficient operations, and higher guest counts.


Restaurant Expansion & Growth Strategy

Perhaps you have a good (or even great) restaurant or food service concept running, and are thinking about expansion and scalability. Whether your business is a one-unit company or a 30-location concept, I can help jumpstart the growth of your venture across a wide range of corporate categories, stewarding the process and guiding you toward success and profitability.

In order to package it properly and sell it to investors, guests or the media to garner the results and attention you seek for growth, a marketing and business plan package is critical. I create all types of plans and presentations that can mean the difference between forging new partnerships or for just holding steady with a good concept that never grows.


Restaurant Management consulting

To see what’s really happening with your business, you need an outside, expert, objective perspective. You need an expert that specializes in restaurant consulting to assess each and every aspect of your operation: from front of house and back office to personnel, purchasing and menu design … and everything in between.


Technology & Systems

Since computers and automation touch every aspect of restaurant operations, selecting the right POS system is a big decision. Sure, you may have had the most advanced system installed in your restaurant, but if your team doesn’t know how to maximize its potential, the system will consistently underperform.

Good technology should streamline operations. I will recommend the right POS system for your business model, then combine redundant systems, analyze and restructure current bookkeeping and inventory operations, and create site-specific platforms to increase overall success.

I have access to service providers in the industry and can help select the appropriate system(s) for your business. I am fluent in the integration of inventory and sales tracking, understand how to maximize performance and accountability, and can help make ‘checking the books’ an enjoyable part of every day.


HR Services

Running a restaurant is hard enough without having to deal with paychecks, benefits, and employee relations. If you need better solutions and can’t outlay for a new support team, if you’ve had trouble with an employee or if you want to find ways to reward your best workers, there are appropriate solutions and i can advise and consult on all aspects of your HR services.

From recruitment to termination, I had garnered the experience to help make all transitions easier on your business.


Training & Development

Whether your business is small or large, it’s important to ask yourself if your company currently delivers an outstanding, consistent training and development environment. Particularly if you’ve got multiple locations, consistency is critical to success.

Successful food and beverage operations require a training environment which ensures that  management and leadership teams have the adequate resources and depth of knowledge to execute at a high level every day … within the culture and principles of the company.

If your company is not delivering in the training environment, now is the perfect time to consider the investment in a training overhaul. You can’t afford to wait another day and continue to let poor performance guide your business.


Marketing & Beyond


Marketing strategy

Marketing success is truly only defined by the execution of a strategic, integrated plan. It’s not about spontaneity or last minute promotions, nor is it about running endless ads, but the best strategies are born from a solid, comprehensive Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that is proactive, creative, varied, and tied to a budget – and a calendar.

I consider advertising, buzz strategies, events, outreach, promotions, media targeting, social media, digital communications, and more among the tools to gain the most success in any food service operation. I develops top line plans for implementation and execution (or through a local agency) to meet your needs.

I know how to build awareness, market share, buzz-worthy impressions, and guest trial by leveraging these types of tools, guided by first-hand experience with highly successful operations and restaurants. From graphic design and website development to marketing, communications, and social media, to making it all work together, I provide the insight, know-how, and multi-layered strategy to expand your brand reach, generate new guest trial, and create a high level of brand loyalty with your guests as critical messengers.


Brand management

Does your brand tell a story? What does it reveal about your business? These are key questions to address as the basis for a solid marketing strategy. Every decision related to marketing, advertising, media relations, communicating to guests (and potential guests), and managing your online reputation should all pass through your brand filter – it’s what defines your business image and identity, and conveys a solid message about who you are and what you do.

A solid brand can evolve as necessary, but it should weave the most important characteristics and integrity of your business through all you do. By strictly defining your brand, you help shape and develop a voice and message that can then inform the concept as it comes to life.



Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital media and social media marketing are about leveraging social networks, online communities, blogs, and any other collaborative Internet tools and platforms to create market exposure, drive brand awareness, and engage with new guests. You can reach more potential guests than ever by utilizing partnership marketing and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, among dozens of others. With smartphone use at an all time high, you need to know how to leverage mobility for sales, guest interaction for loyalty, and technology for maximizing your marketing reach.

I focus on measuring and maximizing available platform analytics to help grow your top line, with website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the driver in online connectivity. If digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO management aren’t part of your current marketing plan, they should be.




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