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  • Name La Maison Blanche
  • Location The First Mall Cairo Egypt
  • Concept French Gastronomic restaurant,Many people can be forgiven for their mistaken impression of French dining; that it's complicated, highly expensive and the portions are ridiculously small. The truth is that French cuisine is extremely diverse, a fact that is supported by the French passion for good food in all its forms. However, it is only the more sophisticated dining that is typically found in "French restaurants" outside France. To that end, La Maison Blanche arrives at the First Mall to break the stereotype and educate food lovers, offering an unparalleled French cuisine experience in an exceptional modern interior design. International interior design superstar Didier Gomez has taken an outstanding design direction with the creation of this restaurant. The trendy setting is very eclectic and ultra-modern. The oversized fireplace adds coziness while the large sofas are designed for extreme comfort. The unique design blends several influences from the thirties, to ultra modern, to art deco. The venue is divided into several areas including a long bar, a cigar lounge and a VIP area. While each room has its individual identity, the one link that connects the stunning scope is the fact that the furniture is all imported from France for a decidedly French feel. The spectacular cuisine includes high-end French specialties guaranteed to keep guests coming back for more.
  • Scope Turn key project: Market research, Business plan, Conceptual design, Design & Build, Project management, F&B concept development,F&B menu creation, pre-opening
  • Creation: 2010